Recruitment Summit

We would like to invite all graduate program directors and graduate program coordinators to our Recruitment Summit to be held on October 13th at 1:30pm in Room F of the GLC.

The role of this meeting is for us to brainstorm about how to improve our recruiting efforts at Virginia Tech. We will present some new recruiting activities that we will carry out this year (with your support). We also would like to initiate a dialogue among participants about your best-practices when it comes to recruitment, and what are your biggest needs.

Come join the conversation.

Graduate Recruiting Summit
Sponsored by the Office of Graduate Recruiting and Diversity Initiatives
Room F, GLC
October 13, 2009

  1. Snapshot of applications and yield for last academic year
    Ethnicity/gender, State by state, Universities, Nationality
    What is missing?
    Where should we put more effort?
  2. Presentation of current recruitment activities
    Graduate fairs
    Summer Pizza Party for MAOP, McNair, REU
    McNair scholars
    Undergraduate conference at VT
    Fellowship opportunities
    Application fee waivers
  3. Description of planned recruitment activities
    Coordinated School Visit Program
    Call for recruiting/diversity initiatives – how can we help you?
  4. Open Discussion Best practices? What do you do to recruit?
    What would you like to do but can’t afford or can’t do alone?
    How can we partner to recruit a better/more diverse graduate student population?