Application for Degree Deadline (AFD)

Students who anticipate completing their degree in the Fall semester must go to HokieSPA to submit their AFD.  Please follow the links under Degree Menu –> Graduate Student Degree Menu –> Application for Degree.  You must complete the AFD by October 1st in order for your name to appear in the Fall 2010 Commencement Bulletin. 

Student’s who have their personal information listed as confidential will not have their names appear in the bulletin.

Research and Travel Funds for Graduate Students

Travel Funds – Cycle I.
The Travel Fund Program (TFP) help assists graduate students with some of the financial burdens associated with traveling to conferences to present their research. Students who are traveling to conference(s) present between July 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010 are eligible to apply to the TFP to be reimbursed up to $350 as a master’s or $500 as a doctoral student. The application period is from September 6 to October 15, 2010 (by 5pm). More information about the program is available on the GSA’s website. Questions should be addressed to Courtney Gleason.

Research Funds – Cycle I.
The Graduate Student Assembly’s Graduate Research Development Program (GRDP) provides a competitive funding opportunity to support qualified research and innovative ideas proposed by VT graduate students. Applications go through a rigorous review process by a panel of graduate students and faculty. Learn more about the program on the GSA’s website.   Questions about the program should be directed to the GRDP chair, Ranjana Mehta

P.E.O. Scholar Award Applicants Sought

The $15,000. P.E.O. Scholar Award provides opportunity for 85 women graduate students for 2011-12. The three Blacksburg Chapters coordinate efforts to identify potential applicants to nominate for the prestigious merit-based awards. P.E.O. is a philanthropic educational organization providing financial aid for the education of women.

Eligibility:    A woman is eligible for nomination by a local P.E.O. Chapter if she:

  1. is within two years of completing her doctoral level degree or postgraduate    study or research by  August 1, 2011 (granting date);
  2.  has at least one academic year remaining from the granting date to complete her doctoral program;
  3. demonstrates academic excellence with a strong research path, publications,       awards and service activities(particularly during the past 12 months), maturity and seriousness of purpose;
  4.  has clearly defined career objectives, showing promise of making a significant  contribution to her field;
  5. is a full-time student at an accredited college,  university or institution;
  6.  is a citizen of the United States or Canada at the time of nomination.            

Local application components:  Submit by September 11

  1. One to two page letter of application highlighting current work and career goals  (See Eligibility 3.).
  2.  Resume

Applications to: Elva Miller -205 Woods Edge Court, Blacksburg, VA 24060 or by email.    Questions: e-mail or call 540-951-8407.  If nominated by a local chapter, the applicant will receive an official  application  package(official transcripts, etc.) from the P.E.O. Scholar Awards office.

In-state Classification of Graduate Students

The Graduate School asks all graduate students to review their student status in HokieSPA and their e-bill from the Bursar’s Office (Student Accounts) to determine if they are properly classified as an in-state or out-of-state student.

Students who believe that they are eligible for in-state classification for tuition purposes but are not listed as in-state should review the Graduate School policies and procedures regarding in-state classification and the application process.