April Monthly memo 2009

GLC Plaza Paver Project – Mark Your Place in the History of Graduate Education
The GLC Plaza will be constructed in summer 2009 in the area between the Graduate Life Center and the Newman Library. The GLC Plaza will be an outdoor gathering place and cultural hub for graduate students and the campus community, with spaces designed to accommodate outdoor performances as well. The Graduate School invites graduate students, graduate student groups, graduate alumni, and other supporters of graduate education to purchase engraved pavers that will tell the many stories that make up the history of graduate education at Virginia Tech. Departments may purchase pavers as well, using Foundation funds. For more information visit: https://secure.graduateschool.vt.edu/GLCPP/ 

Application/decision deadlines
The following application and decision deadlines are approaching for Summer I:

Summer I – Starts May 26, 2009
Application deadline:  April 15, 2009; Dept decision deadline:  May 1, 2009

Please note that International students must have a decision on them no later than May 15, 2009 for fall enrollment.  Any decisions made after this timeframe need to be approved in advance by the Graduate Schools International Student Services area, please contact them at igss@vt.edu . For those in the National Capital Region, please contact Marija Telbis-Forster.

Express mailing for International applicants

Express mail for immigration packages will not be available until after May 1. If departments want to send out forms by express mail before that date, they can contact Ruth or Zelma in Blacksburg  or Marija  and Karen in the National Capital Region and ask to be notified when the packet is ready to be mailed.


International Student Admission Deadline for Fall 2009
The deadline to accept international students residing outside the United States for Fall 2009 is May 15. Since the visa application process may take 3 to 4 months, we must allow sufficient time for students to make all their arrangements. International students are expected to arrive in Blacksburg or Falls Church no later than August 17 and participate in the mandatory international student orientation on August 20 in Blacksburg or August 22 in Falls Church . Any exceptions for specific international students must be discussed with an immigration advisor (Zelma Harris or Ruth Athanson) in the Graduate School . You may send an email to igss@vt.edu or call 231-8486 with details about the student’s situation. For those in National Capital Region, please contact Marija Telbis-Forster at gsso@nvc.vt.edu or  call 703-538-8327.  Decisions will be made on a case by case basis after evaluating the applicant’s chances of receiving the immigration paperwork and applying for a visa in time to arrive by August 17.

Expedited Application
Students wishing to be apply for admission after the application deadline may submit the Expedited application for consideration as a Commonwealth Campus, non-degree seeking student.  The last day to submit the Expedited Application for Summer I 2009 is Friday, May 22, 2009.  The Expedited application process allows a student to be enrolled for one semester, taking up to a maximum of 6 credit hours.  Student’s seeking admission under this option must reapply using a new application – either Commonwealth Campus, Non-degree, or Degree seeking – for any future terms.

Online Application Review
Submission of your review, confirmation, and changes is due no later than May 18, 2009.  For questions, please contact Jacqueline L. Nottingham, Director, Admissions & Academic Progress at 540/231-3092.

Commencement Participation/Attendance
Please go to HokieSPA and confirm your intent to particpiate.  It is especially important for PHD Candidates to confirm their intent, so that we may contact and verify the faculty who will be acting as your hooder(s) during the ceremony.  PHD Candidates wishing to walk in the Graduation ceremonies must have all degree requirements met – which includes submission and approval of Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (ETD) – by Friday, May 8, 2009.  Master’s candidates are all eligible to participate in the ceremonies.

Commencement Ceremony, National Capital Region May 17, 2009, Center for the Arts. For more information see http://www.ncr.vt.edu/commencement/

Defending between terms
If someone must defend between semesters because of unusual circumstances such as a conflict with faculty schedules permission must be requested from the Dean’s office, by the student’s committee chair, to do so.  Please be aware, a later defense date will still result in the student being signed up for Defending Student Status (DSS) for Summer I.  It is unlikely that a student will be able to complete all the necessary degree requirements by the established deadlines to receive their degree award for Spring.

Change of Degree Status
Submission of Change of Degree status requests will be accepted and approved for the beginning of the next available term.  However, if a student plans to change their status from Doctoral to Masters degree and intends to complete and graduate in the current term, the student must complete the form by the associated deadlines.

4XXX/5XXXG Conjoint Classes "Fast Track" Review Process Officially Closed
The Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC) held a special session on April 23, 2009 to review the last of the 82 4XXX level classes that were submitted to officially become con-joint 4XXX/5XXXG classes.  Any department or faculty that desire a future 4XXX class to have the conjoint numbering of 5XXXG must submit their respective course via the normal faculty governance process including the Registrar’s Office 15 Day Review.  Thus in 2009-2010, there is no longer a "fast track" con-joint review process for 4XXX classes that have been previously approved for graduate credit.

Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies
The commission endorsed an  application for a new option in Food Science and Techonolgy, "Health Product Risk Management".