February 2004


  • Please continue to work within your college for proposals for inclusion on the ’04-’05 Institutional Plan for Graduate Degrees (IPGD). College selected proposals are due at the Graduate School by March 15th.
  • Please check your web pages to make sure that all links and information is up to date.
  • Graduate Education week is March 22-26. Please send us a list of your departmental events so that we can include them on the master calendar.
  • 9th Annual Graduate Preview Weekend is scheduled for February 28 – March 1, 2004.

Graduate Alumni Achievement Award

Last year, the Graduate School and Alumni Association developed the Graduate Alumni Achievement Award. The first award went to Robert C. Richardson (BS ’58, MS ’60 in Physics). I am pleased to announce that Harold L. Martin, Sr. (PhD in EE ’80), Chancellor of Winston-Salem State University, is the recipient for 2004. Dr. Martin will be honored during Graduate Commencement on May 14, 2004.

Recent actions of the Commission on Graduate Study & Policies (CGS&P) & University Council

  • Changed the requirement of vita as required for ETD to optional.
  • Approved guidelines for departments to offer a Bachelor’s/Master’s program option beyond that currently available for Honors students. The approved change is as follows:
  •      Academic units may petition the Graduate School to combine existing bachelor’s and master’s degree programs into new five-year bachelor/master’s degree (open) programs. These programs would allow undergraduate students with a 3.2 or better GPA and the completion of 75 hours of study to enroll in the Graduate School before completion of their undergraduate requirements.
          Up to 12 hours of graduate coursework may be taken before the completion of the bachelor’s degree. However, a maximum of 6 such hours may be used to satisfy both bachelor’s and master’s degree requirements.

  • Reviewed and approved the qualifications required for being the instructor of record for a graduate course. In order to be the instructor of record in a graduate course, one must hold a graduate degree (the terminal degree in the discipline) and cannot be currently enrolled as a graduate student in the same department. Graduate students can be the instructor of record for undergraduate courses and might assist faculty with graduate courses (e.g., providing lectures) but should not be teaching graduate courses.

Independent Study

As you know, Independent Study is a shared responsibility of the faculty and the graduate student and can be set up at the department level. Departments should implement procedures by which the student and faculty come to an agreement about independent study prior to enrollment. Currently, graduate students can enroll in Independent Study without departmental approval. If a department wishes to require prior approval, you can put a departmental block on enrollment in Independent Study.

Graduate School Efforts

  • We have modernized the information collected on the paper reference form. Based on the feedback provided we have also included some changes that should make the form more suitable for a wider audience. The new form is available on our website. We are also working with CollegeNet to make the electronic reference letter process more user-friendly. Thanks for your suggestions.
  • We continue to work on an automated Admissions Analysis (AA) form. This work should be completed by the end of the semester.