Email Subscription Feature Addition for the GSB

We had a few inquiries about the potential to continue to receive new content notification from the Graduate School Blog. In response to those inquiries, we have added the ability to subscribe via email, in addition to the RSS and Atom feeds. You will be able to manage your email subscription to the blog individually. Near the top of the right side quick navigation area please note the updated “Subscribe” section that will allow you to choose how to keep up with the Graduate School Blog.

I have also fielded a couple of calls asking about RSS. Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, is a standardized “feed” of information. This allows you to use a feed reader such as Google Reader, or the reader you may find within Outlook or your preferred browser. These tools typically allow you to assemble any number of feeds to effectively create your own newspaper with the content you specifically want. Using RSS can save you time by narrowing the information you are looking at, and allowing you to skim content more effectively.
The Graduate School offers a number of feeds, and we hope to add more to our list shortly.