February 2008


  • Graduate Education Week is scheduled for March 24 – 28, 2008.  Both the Blacksburg campus and the National Capital Region will be scheduling events, so please mark your calendars!  Updates will be posted on the Graduate School website:  http://www.graduateschool.vt.edu/
  • Commencement
    • Application for Degree Deadline is March 1st
    • Last day for PhD student to defend if participating in Commencement is March 28th
    • PHD/EDD submission of ETD deadline is April 11th
    • Last day to defend without next semester enrollment for EDS and Master’s candidates is April 30th
    • PHD/EDD students must complete all requirements for graduation including the approval of the ETD by May 2nd to participate in Commencement
    • Degree award deadline to be considered a Spring 2008 graduate is June 6th

Commencement information may be found at: http://www.graduateschool.vt.edu/academics/completion/commencement.html

New Format for Monthly Memo
The Monthly Memo is moving to a new format which will allow for greater access and interactivity starting in March.  More details will be provided in the email that accompanies the March Monthly Memo.

Access to Turnitin.com
The Graduate School will make Turnitin.com software available free to our graduate students and faculty through May 2008.  Our intent is to allow graduate students to be proactive and to check their theses/dissertations (or papers) through access to the plagiarism prevention software.  We also invite faculty and GTAs to utilize the software for use in their classes.  Four different packages are available for use in classes.  Please check out the website http://turnitin.com/static/index.html for more information.  In the next two weeks, we will prepare the process by which you can acquire the password and access to turnitin.com.  More information will be forthcoming.

Graduate students transferring to VT with new hires

We know that some of our new faculty hires will be bringing graduate students with them to Virginia Tech.  As you know, these students will need to be officially admitted and the Graduate School staff will work with you regarding the admission and enrollment of these students.  If you anticipate that any exceptions to policy (e.g., more transfer credit than typically allowed), please contact the Dean of the Graduate School directly.  We want to address and resolve any issues as soon as possible so that there are no misunderstandings especially when transferring graduate students are incorporated into the hiring package.  Thanks.