Virtual GLC Café Series: Defending Student Status and Final Exam Submission via ESS

Graduate School staff will discuss Defending Student Student Status and Submission of the Final Examination via the Electronic Signature System and the time line of the submission process.
When:      2/6/13 @ 2:00 PM
Where: Lobby  in the Virtual Graduate Life Center (vGLC)
The  Virtual Graduate Life Center (vGLC), is an environment where you can create an
account and attend various events  from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access Please take the time now to review the links below in reference to downloading the appropriate software and creating an account prior to logging into the vGLC.
 In order to use the vGLC for the first time, please follow these basic instructions below:
1.     In a web browser, go to:
2.     Click the CREATE ACCOUNT link at the top right of the webpage
  • Enter VT email
  • Enter name
  • Enter password
  • Select avatar type
  • Select Create
 3.     Download Imprudence Software 1.4.0-beta-2 Windows
or 1.4.0-beta-2 Mac (Intel)
 4. Open/Start Imprudence Viewer/Icon (purple hand)
  • Go to grid manager
  • Click the Add New Grid button below the Select a Grid menu box
  • In the Grid text box, type: virtual_glc 
  • In the Grid Name text box, type: Virtual GLC
  • In the Login URI text box, type:
  • Select OK
Day of Event :
Login to Imprudence
Meet in the Virtual GLC Lobby, next to the Hokie Bird
Please make sure you read the instructions:
Questions regarding the vGLC should be directed to Marija Telbis-Forster or Jodi Cromer