Continuous Enrollment Requirement

The Commission on Graduate Studies & Policies and University Council approved a resolution (2014-15H) which requires graduate students to be continuously enrolled in a minimum of three credit hours in all spring and fall semesters at the University from the time of initial matriculation in the degree program until graduation. Graduate students approved for in absentia status (resolution 2014-15J) or who are enrolled in the Cooperative Education Program satisfy the continuous enrollment requirement. Graduate students who need to break their continuous enrollment can do so by applying for a leave of absence (resolution 2014-15I) or by participating in programs and activities approved by the Graduate School that require absence from the University. Any graduate student failing to remain continuously enrolled without approved leave will be resigned from the University. To re-enroll, a graduate student will need to apply for readmission to their academic unit and admission is not guaranteed.

The continuous enrollment, leave of absence and in absentia status resolutions are effective April 6, 2015. Therefore, beginning fall 2015, graduate students who do not meet the continuous enrollment policy will be resigned from the University. Graduate students must enroll in at least 3 credit hours for fall 2015 by Friday, August 28, 2015. Any graduate student not enrolled or on approved leave will be resigned from the University on Monday, August 31, 2015.

Questions regarding the approved resolutions should be directed to the Graduate School Dean’s Office at (540) 231-5645. Questions regarding applying for leave of absence, resignation from the University and readmission processes should be directed to Graduate Admissions and Academic Progress staff (, (540) 231-8636, 120 Graduate Life Center OR, (703) 538-8439, 409 Falls Church Center).