Mandatory Title IX and Retaliation Training for Graduate Student Employees

The university now requires that all graduate student employees complete Title IX and Retaliation training  by Jan 31, 2015 and become familiar with their responsibilities and obligations concerning what to do if a student discloses sexual harassment, sexual violence (rape and other non-consensual sexual activity) or if an allegation of retaliation is made for having reported such activity. There are a number of ways through which students may satisfy this requirement:

  • Participate in a workshop arranged by their academic department or other unit of employment
  • Complete the workshop online by registering through Coursewhere at; must use PID and password to log in, then create a profile in Coursewhere before registering and watching the online presentation.
  • Attend one of the workshops organized by the Graduate School for Thursday, Dec 11. Pre-registration is required at . Registration will close if all seats are filled. Attendance will be recorded by Hokie Passport swipe, so students must bring their Hokie Passport to the session. Sessions are at:      
  • 8:30-10:00am in GLC Room F (60 seats)
  • 1:30-3:00pm in GLC Auditorium (550 seats)

Please contact the Graduate School Student Services Office with any questions at 231-4558, or by emailing to