Fall Application for Degree (AFD) Deadline: 10/1

Students who anticipate completing their degree in the Fall semester must go to HokieSPA to submit their AFD.  Please follow the links under Degree Menu –> Graduate Student Degree Menu –> Application for Degree.  Students must complete the AFD by October 1st  for their name to appear in the Fall 2011 Commencement Bulletin. 

PhD and EdD students must also include their dissertation titles when submitting the AFD for their names to appear in the bulletin. Without this title, the student’s name will not be listed. The information entered electronically is used to order  diplomas, so students are asked to ensure that all the entered information is correct. When the AFD is submitted, an AFD fee of $25.00 will be assessed to the applicant’s account.

Student’s who have their personal information listed as confidential will not have their names appear in the bulletin.