Request for Information for CSVP program

In the interest of increasing the numbers of graduate students from underrepresented groups here at Virginia Tech, we have created the Coordinated School Visit Program (CSVP) which provides an opportunity for Virginia Tech faculty to: (1) network across disciplines, colleges, and universities; (2) unify various disjointed faculty or department efforts to connect to HBCUs, other minority-serving institutions, and high schools; (3) maximize the number of underrepresented student recruits to the university per year; (4) provide a pipeline of quality undergraduate and graduate students to assist faculty in research projects; (5) fulfill certain requirements outlined by external grantors and funding agencies in regard to research team composition and collaboration; and (6) foment a structured, multiyear program in which the administration can become invested, with possible external funding.

The purpose of the CSVP is four-fold: (1) to increase the overall number of applications from students who identify as members of underrepresented groups; (2) to specifically target promising students from underrepresented groups; (3) to implement effective retention strategies to integrate these students into the Virginia Tech community; and (4) to establish and maintain strong connections with other diverse universities and potentially, high schools.

Here is where you come in. In order for us to plan a more effective trip to universities for recruitment purposes, we would like to collect information about existing collaborations between VT and other institutions in the region.

Please complete the survey available at online, feel free to pass the link of this survey to someone else and feel free to fill out more than one if you feel there is lots of information to provide. This information will help us better plan our CSVP visits.

The link is: